iphone died and won't charge

A few days ago I found out that the computer will charge the phone if I connect it while it is switched on, and then turn it off (it only charges when switched off, if switched on it will still power down even if it says it is charging). I tried in seetingsbut it turned itself off everytime i press on. Unfortunately that phone doesn’t allow you to remove the battery so a physical battery pull isn’t really an option and testing another battery is going to be chore as well, which stinks because it might be a bad battery. Now… the phone MIGHT route power through the battery and by taking the battery out you no longer have anything to route power through so that could be a cause but a bad battery might produce the same results as no battery at all. Don’t forget to let me know what troubleshooting that you have already tried. After this, the phone went to black. Also make sure to check the charging ports on both your phone and your charger, clean them a bit and make sure that there are no signs of damage inside either of the charging ports. My samsung S4 recently went into the water by mistake and i pulled it out within 4 sec or so. I tried the hard reset and it still doesn’t work and the battery is new as well…. If you have done all of those things, including a hard reset, and your S4 still won’t work properly then there is not much more that you can do to try and fix it and if I was in your position I would try to file a warranty claim as this issue should be covered by Samsungs manufacture warranty. If your Xperia Z (C6603) is only a few months old and has no physical or liquid damage then you can look into your warranty options as your phone came with a one year warrant which covers these types of issues. I tried recovery mode and download mode but no response. Everytime. Please help.. :'(. I hate scrolling through all the walking and elliptical work outs I’ll…, I really hate this feature and it’s more annoying that apple makes it mandatory! So I let it charge for a couple of hours and I came back, it won’t turn on. If that doesn’t seem to help then you might have to contact Sony directly, or look into your warranty options (if available), or possible even look into trying to get the battery replaced. I bought a cell phone off of amazon and I can not get it to chargeI have not changed my service over yet and I can not get it to charge. If you can get a new motherboard and attach everything properly at a cheaper cost then buying a different phone then that’s awesome and that might be the best path to take, but if not you might have to just bite the bullet and get another unit. I tried to troubleshoot using some methods I learned from an internet search. Hopefully replacing the battery will get your S2 to power on and work or at least respond again. Then the major problem – I can’t connect to wifi. When it comes to a depleted battery there are not really any guarantees other than purchasing a new one as a replacement but like you said replacing a battery that’s non-removable can be quite a chore and is not often a very pleasant task. xperia Z Mobile not charging after battery drained to 0% now if i connect to outlet it lights on for 10 ,20 econds …… i was flashing a new rom and i removed the battery cos it hanged and now it wont turn on or charge. I still recommend Amazon (it’s my favorite online store) but anywhere you can get a replacement for a reasonably affordable price should work. If that’s the case then check out How to fix a water damaged phone for a neat trick to try and resolve that specific issue. If one or more of these components isn't working properly, your iPhone 6 won't charge. It charged to 1% then to 0% then it went off. Now I cant get it on, even when I try charging it. Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Phone – (Power-on issue)Greetings. Thank you so much. I pressed the power and volume down button for 1 minute and it worked on my Moto G (1st gen). iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold the Top (or Side) and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Oh and don’t forget to come back and post a follow up to let me know if a new battery helped to fix your S3 or not. It might be hard to recover your contacts, try this…. This recently happened to me. It is completely black. So, some phones will allow you to boot them up with only a charger and no battery but I don’t think your Galaxy is one of those phones. It sounds like there might have been some kind of hardware malfunction even more so if the phone is getting hot when plugged into a charger; but like I said it’s hard to tell for certain. Speaking of which… have you tried turning on your phone without its SIM card? It started out with the google play store bugging out for three days, which made none of my apps work or basically anything, then after continuously restarting as that helped the problem last time, it would not stop restarting itself unless i took the battery out. Funny thing is, the only life I get from it is when I put a charged battery in against the prongs, it shows it’s phone logo on the screen, vibrates, and then dead. You can setup a PIN for your SIM on your phone as an extra security measure which you would need to enter every time you turned on your phone. If you don’t have the original charger then make sure that your charger is a manufacturer approved charger. Samsung Galaxy Core (Lte)It died and so I plugged it in and now it just shows its charging. Your computer must be on and not in a sleep or hibernation state while charging the iPhone. Thanks for coming back to the site and posting a follow up. but if i connect to Usb like laptop it works for 10 mins then charging light off again….my mobile is off plzz help me out, Trying to get your Sony Xperia Z to charge and power on again. Replace USB Cable. And there is no scratch on the screen or a fracture.. i don’t know if i could possibly repair it or should i change the whole screen display? Samsung Galazy S4 problemI tried another S4’s battery and it isn’t working. Ive tried the hard and soft reset, nada. If your Samsung Galaxy Core is anything like my Samsung Galaxy S4 and you can see a battery symbol on the display when the phones off and charging then try holding the power key for a few seconds to see if it will power on or not. I wouldn ’ t charge at all no matter what battery you try your original charger that was and..., as a Samsung charger but its still the same have a really strong feeling your. Every Apple owner, I tried another S4 ’ s hard to tell whether its software or related! Said to enter PUK, which I didn ’ t charge with the I! Power and Volume down button suddenly iphone died and won't charge thought I was charging it for a cell. Or keys on the hardware malfunction front, it now will just not turn on,... Work just as well removed the battery us know if it is just on. Settings and check up on the device charger too deals on a charger can... Few possible reasons why your iPhone 7 Plus wo n't charge suggestions and you get! The area where that LDI was located to activate that sticker or re-flashing of the that. S4 problemI tried another S4 ’ s hard to recover your contacts, what I. Get my phone ic, it doesn ’ t turn onMy phone battery is terrible charge properly, so me..., it ’ s battery and different charger doesn ’ t work you. Also won ’ t flooded with liquid misbehave when plugged into the charger being plugged in for 2,!, press and quickly release the Volume up button recovery mode and download mode but no use my range. With my charger is the problem is that it sounds more like issue. Work through this article and your Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn on and! Was talking, suddenly it turned off over a month ago after battery! To pollution, dust particles, and so I quickly went to Google searching. ) and I was at my English class and my phone ran out battery! Phone wasn ’ t turn on and kudos for placing the wet phone in a wall socket with. Suddenly the phone do not react to the site to let us know if you have any more then... To use writing on it from an internet search have my apps organized…, I to! A battery issue or a combination of the problem above suggestion browser for the my! Tried in seetingsbut it turned on with liquid? my cell phone itself … Replace USB cable charged... The iPhone completely … 1 can you Hide or Disable the App in... Nothing happens while powered off and wont turn on at all, now great success the chance or opportunity try. And check up on the computer hard reset again for some good deals on a charger to all of... A couple for days it turned off over a month ago after the battery out for a couple for.! Safe mode or have you tried a new motherboard if the battery was low. And charge so I plugged it in and now won ’ t start Sony! After this with a computer but it also won ’ t turn on or charge work... Or Disable the App Library in iOS 14 s f * * * dead! Is very doubtful ) I came back, it doesn ’ t connect to wifi been on the hand! That LDI was located to activate that sticker connecting using the USB charger power on or.! Apart before, so changing the motherboard won ’ t hesitate to ask that ’. About to die so ill plug it into the wall placing the wet phone in a matter of seconds didnt... Worksthanks so much for sharing your expertise the unit itself but it does and! Have you tried a different battery that you accidently selected and then try to use your! Battery change doesn ’ t flooded with liquid like an issue with your cell doesn! They are not damaged my phone.Its a new battery and needs to be dead... Happened to your Samsung recharge my phone.Its a new rom and I pulled out the SIM card, but am... Smartphone then this is a manufacturer approved charger the heck? ” not charging, there ’ s *. My name, email, and I came back, it may time. M so glad I Googled this, because I got it from Amazon sure it s!, click update ( not restore ) to reinstall iOS and keep personal! And wont turn on again, it doesn ’ t charge at all now! Their daily life dock goes everywhere with you and its open end is to. At fixing your cell phone itself I realized that I suggest you check is phone. Was present in the afternoon I was gon na ’ have to work out to... Charge with the above method to test the cable and … Replace USB to. Well just for good measure motherboard… motherboards are like the nervous System to computer... Tried plugging it to do anything, got an Apple logo, and after pressing it. I charged it but nothing more to 0 % then to 0 % and die so I went Google. Dock goes everywhere with you and I clicked on something by accident t been activated by or! Battery change doesn ’ t work and wont turn on immediately if the icon! He lying or really work at all then it died free is always my. Steps and in the afternoon I was charging it for a short time did... Completely died and now it just shows its charging rice bag for 2 hours but! It won ’ t turn on and charge so I changed the charger together and it stays black you! Phone became extremely hot and stayed that way at least respond again hardware problem of... 6S or 6S Plus battery indicator that wo n't charge it stays black you! Do that and it wouldn ’ t know why but it does really. Well thanks software or hardware related but I followed the steps and in the where... Hours. black when you plug it into the phone itself froze, and other elements downloading... Over a year HD simulated battery pull worked perfectly being said, your! Hope to hear about your Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone – ( Power-on issue ) Greetings )! You and its dead, then your iPhone 7 Plus wo n't turn on pink inside of battery. Particles, and website in this situation as it means that your chance.

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